Journal of Fundus 2024-01-13T05:57:02+00:00 Dian Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Jourmal of Fundus</strong> merupakan jurnal ilmiah yang menerbitkan hasil-hasil penelitian masyarakat di bidang Kebidanan dengan <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>ISSN</strong> 2808-1080,</a> diterbitkan oleh Pusat Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (P3M) STIKES Yarsi Mataram secara berkala 2 (dua) kali dalam satu tahun yaitu <strong>Maret </strong>dan <strong>September. </strong></p> EFEKTIVITAS TERAPI MUROTAL AL-QUR'AN TERHADAP TINGKAT KECEMASAN IBU BERSALIN 2024-01-13T01:35:05+00:00 Siskha Maya Herlina Yadul Ulya Regina Pricilia Yunika <p>Background: Anxiety is a feeling of fear that is unclear and not supported by the situation. Individuals who feel anxious will feel uncomfortable or afraid, but do not know the reason why this condition occurs. Anxiety has no clear, identifiable stimulus. Murotal therapy can speed up healing and reduce anxiety, listening to the holy verses of the Koran has a significant influence in reducing tension in the reflective nerves. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of Murottal therapy on the level of anxiety of women giving birth. Method: This type of research uses quasi-experimental research. The sample in this study was 30 mothers in the first stage of labor. This research uses a one group pretest posttest design approach. Results: Based on the frequency distribution of the effectiveness of murottal therapy on maternal anxiety levels before delivery, it shows that in the intervention group the average anxiety score was 18.28, the lowest anxiety score was 14 and the highest was 23, while in the control group the average anxiety score was 24. .13, the lowest anxiety score is 18 and the highest is 27. Conclusion: Based on the research results, murottal therapy on maternal anxiety levels before giving birth is effective. Suggestion: Murottal therapy has good effectiveness, it is hoped that this therapy can relieve and be a solution to the anxiety experienced by mothers during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.</p> 2023-09-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Settings Siskha Maya Herlina SKRINING FITOKIMIA PUDING DAUN KELOR (MORINGA OLEIFERA) SEBAGAI PELANCAR ASI 2024-01-08T15:21:04+00:00 Yopi Suryatim Pratiwi Sri Handayani Yesvi Zulfiana <p>Diterima 4 Agustus 2023 Diterbitkan 20 Septemeber 2023Key words: Faded leaf pudding, ASI LauncherKata Kunci Puding daun kelor, Pelancar ASIBackground: Breast milk (ASI) is the best nutrition for babies because it is easy to digest and contains nutrients needed for growth and immunity. Exclusive breastfeeding can reduce infant morbidity and mortality. Insufficient breast milk production is a common complaint expressed by mothers, especially in the first week of postpartum. The use of Laktogogum (Laktogogue) is one way that can be done to increase the rate of secretion and production of breast milk. The Moringa plant (Moringa Oleifera) is a local food ingredient that has the potential to be developed by breastfeeding mothers. Moringa leaves can be prepared in the form of pudding. Pudding can be used as an additional alternative food that uses Moringa leaves for breastfeeding mothers. Method: The method in this research is to carry out laboratory tests on Moringa leaf pudding at the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Mataram University on May 8 2023. Alkaloid screening uses Mayer and Dragendorff reagents. Results: The research results showed that moringa leaf pudding (Moringa oleifera) contained alkaloid compounds. Conclusion: Utilizing Moringa leaf pudding is an alternative that can be used to overcome the problem of insufficient breast milk production.</p> 2023-09-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Yopi Suryatim Pratiwi Persepsi Mahasiswa Kebidanan terhadap Lingkungan Pembelajaran 2024-01-13T02:01:45+00:00 Irni Setyawati Kusniyati Utami Dian Soekmawaty Riezqy Ariendha <p>Background A study programme is a unit of educational activities and the process ofstudent interaction with lecturers and learning resources in a learning environment thathas a certain curriculum and learning methods. The learning environment in question isthe learning process, teaching staff or lecturers, academic achievement, learningatmosphere and social life which is evaluated using the DREEM questionnaireevaluation tool. Method:This study used a descriptive design with a cross-sectionalapproach. The population in this study were all active students in semesters 2, 4, and 6in the midwifery study programme undergraduate academic year 2022/2023. Thesampling technique used total population sampling with a total of 136 people. ResultsData were analysed univariately. Conclusion Most of the midwifery study programmeundergraduate students of STIKes Yarsi Mataram perceived that the learning processwas going well, perceived the model teacher towards lecturers, perceived confidence inacademic achievement, perceived conducive to the learning atmosphere, and perceivedsupportive learning process towards social life.</p> 2023-09-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Irni Setyawati Uji Organoleptik Jus Susu Kurma (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) Sebagai Minuman Energi Ibu Bersalin 2024-01-11T23:53:09+00:00 Yadul Ulya Siskha Maya Herlina Regina Pricilia Yunika <p>Background: The nutritional needs of birthing mothers can be met by providing nutrition in liquid form that is easy to digest, quickly converted into energy, delicious, practical, and suitable for the condition of the birthing mother, one of which is juice. Organoleptic/sensory testing of date milk juice plays an important role as an initial detection in assessing quality to identify deviations and changes in the product. Objective: This research aims to determine consumer acceptance and preference for date milk juice products. Methods: This research is a type of experimental research by conducting an organoleptic test, namely testing the panelists' preferences for the product being tested using a hedonic scale which is transformed into a numerical scale. Organoleptic tests were carried out on 30 panelists on date milk juice products with color, taste, aroma and texture parameters. Results: The organoleptic test results for the date milk juice product were found to have an average numerical scale that was not much different so that the hedonic scale produced was still in the range preferred by the panelists. Conclusions: It is hoped that mothers in labor can consume date milk juice (phoenix dactylifera L.) easily, practically and deliciously as an alternative effort to fulfill the energy needs of mothers in labor to facilitate labor</p> 2023-09-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Yadul Ulya PEMANFAATAN AROMATERAPI UNTUK MENGURANGI NYERI PERSALINAN KALA 1 FASE AKTIF USE OF AROMATHERAPY TO REDUCE LABOR PAIN IN THE 1ST ACTIVE PHASE 2024-01-13T05:57:02+00:00 Regina Pricilia Yunika Yadul Ulya Siskha Maya Herlina <p>The pain of uterine contractions can cause an increase in the sympathetic nervoussystem, changes in blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and if not treated immediatelywill increase feelings of worry, tension, fear and stress. Pain reduction management isvery important so that the entire birth process is safe and comfortable for both themother and the fetus that will be born. Childbirth pain can be treated with aromatherapybecause it is believed to be a complementary therapy to reduce the intensity of pain,namely with essential oils derived from the fragrant smell of plants to reduce healthproblems, the smell has a calming effect on the brain during childbirth. This study aimsto determine the use of aromatherapy to reduce labor pain during the first active phase.The method used in this research is quantitative. Determining the sample uses a totalsampling technique, namely by taking all members of the population. The sample in thisstudy were postpartum mothers at the Siti Hajar Islamic Hospital, Mataram District,Mataram City, West Nusa Tengggara. The results of the research were that the majority of respondents did not use aromatherapy to reduce pain, namely 14 (93.3%) people and a small percentage used aromatherapy to reduce pain, namely 1 (6.7%) people.</p> 2024-01-13T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Regina Pricilia Yunika